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Tubing & Casing

Upon receipt of an inquiry, we immediately check our database, built and maintained in collaboration with both our suppliers and customers, for available stock within Norway. If this check doesn’t provide acceptable results, an intensive broader search is initiated. As a completely independent supplier, our search is broad and unbiased and is as extensive and thorough as shipping and delivery times permit. Our customers are kept fully informed throughout and are presented with the best alternative offers based on delivery time and price.

Our goal is to be Norway’s preferred supplier for all urgent tubing and casing requirements. No inquiry is too small, or too big. Our previous successful deliveries range from a single pup joint, to complete strings of tubing, casing and accessories. As an independent and unbiased trader, we will always respond to inquiries with different options for lead time, price and manufacturer.

Contact us for any inquiry for Tubing and Casing.

Sale of Surplus Tubing
& Casing

With confidentiality agreements in place, operators can confidently provide inventory stock information into the Petcon Tubulars’ OCTG database, making it available for quick sales to other Petcon Tubulars customers.  This transparent collaboration gives us the best overview of what stock is available at any point in time in our region. 

With our global network of customers and traders, Petcon Tubulars receives inquiries that vary from single joints to full strings.  We always prioritize to reduce stock from our partners.  If we can find appropriate, available materials in stock, these will be the first offer to the customer seeking solutions. 

Contact us for any sales of surplus Tubing and Casing.

Our Goal
- “One Stop Shop”

Our goal is to be the independent and unique single point of contact center in Stavanger Norway to meet the increasing demand for urgent Tubing and Casing requirements.

In a market driven by longer lead times from mills, and higher demands from an increasing number of operators, Petcon Tubulars will be the preferred supplier of Casing and Tubing.

Sourcing & Manufacturing of Accessories

If the requested materials are not available in the market, Petcon Tubulars will work closely with the best licensed workshops in Norway, assisting our clients in sourcing swedges, x-overs or pup joints. Together with our professional licensed partners we are able to source, or manufacture any licensed threads. 

Contact us for any inquiry regarding manufacturing of accessories.

Sale of Scrapped Casing and Tubing

Petcon Tubulars assists our clients in getting the best possible price for scrapped or pulled casing, using our international network of scrap dealers. As a corporately responsible company, we will always try to recycle or
re-use, before scrapping and in all cases, we will sort the materials to maximize value for you, our customer.


Contact Petcon Tubulars for any questions regarding scrapping, and sale of scrapped casing and tubing.

Sale and Treatment of Pulled Pipe with LSA Scale

In close collaboration with experienced vendors specialized in removing NORM (Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials) and LSA (Low Specific Activity), Petcon Tubulars assists with all challenges related to pulled pipe from P&A operations. We offer measurement of LSA scale when the pipes arrive onshore, cleaning of mud, disposal of mud (with and without LSA scale), and sale of the pulled casing.

Petcon Tubulars has efficient routines for disposal of NORM/LSA infected material in pulled pipe. With our experienced vendor alliances, we handle and dispose of the pipe in the most secure and quickest possible manner; and for the best possible price. 


Contact Petcon Tubulars for any questions regarding P&A, LSA scale and sale of pulled tubing and casing.

Consultant Services

With over 35 years’ experience in the OCTG business, Rolf Edland has extensive consultancy experience in contracting, procurement and supply chain management.

As an independent service provider in the OCTG market, Petcon Tubulars can assist our clients in any of their casing and tubing challenges.

Stock Evaluation: Petcon can perform an independent stock evaluation of customers casing and tubing to determine value of pipe, or to scrap.

Supply Chain Management: On behalf of our clients, Petcon can follow pipe orders from early planning stage to preparation for offshore running.

Tender processes: Petcon can assist our clients to streamline their tender documents to secure a lean and efficient bidding process. 

Contact Petcon Tubulars for any questions regarding our consultant services. 

tubing & casing
Sourcing & Manufacturing of Accessories
Sale of Surplus Tubing & Casing
Sale of Scrapped Casing and Tubing
Sale and Treatment of Pulled Pipe with LSA Scale
Consultant Services
Our Goal - “One Stop Shop”
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